‘Linsanity’ is a Linstant Classic – What it was like seeing it premier night and the day after


I saw Linsanity last night on it’s premier night in New York.  It is an inspirational and thought-provoking piece.  And I highly recommend everyone to make time to go see it.  It will make your day and leave you feeling ready to take on the world.


The Review


The story that the film tells is nothing unique, it’s a classic underdog story.  What makes it refreshing is that in an age of hero-worship by the media, this film does the opposite.  It gives an introspective view of what ultimately brought Jeremy success–the fundamentals of boring old-fashioned values of Religion, Family, Work Ethic, and Perseverance.


Thoughts from the Film


What got Jeremy Lin to where he is today, wasn’t just God-given talent and hard work.  He had to fight hard every step of the way.  When he faltered it was his beliefs and his family that gave him the strength to go on.


Taking a step back, the movie almost is more of a tribute to everything but him.  The timing of things, his family, his coaches, and circumstances outside of his control.  The core message I took away from the movie: Behind every success story there is the best supporting cast in the world.  We should all spend a little less time focusing on ourselves and more on others around us.


Enough reflection, some recollections of the night!


The Premier Night Experience
Out of the 150 seat theater at least 135 was filled for the 10:30 showing.  There was a buzz and excitement before the movie even started.


Some memorable moments:
  • The first scene that Jeremy first shows up, everyone in the audienced clapped
  • When Jeremy played the same songs three years in a row and explained he turned in the first two tests in Harvard blank, everyone laughed and saw a human side to him.
  • Nobody seemed impressed with his 800 SAT math score.


Personally, it connected with me on so many levels, as a first-generation Asian living and growing up in America, as an entrepreneur trying to make it against all odds (though it all seems less daunting now compared to what Jeremy went through…), and as an NY basketballer  scraping around for game every weekend for the past 7 years.


While watching the film, all the sensations and pride I felt of being an often-overlooked and overly-stereotyped Asian-American male during Linsanity flooded back to me.


Supporting the Film


Right now the film is going through its own underdog experience as it is in limited release, being tested in multiple markets (LA, NY, Chicago, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, Washington D.C.).  I really do hope the film goes to broader release, and will do what I can to help.


To start, my social, Chinese fraternity FF (it is the oldest Chinese fraternity in America)  is organizing a private showing for 150 people at the AMC Village.


I also created this FB page to spread the word, please like it and share it with anyone you know in NY!


More people should hear the story, and not just Asians!


I am very glad to have watched this movie tonight.  It is by far the most memorable birthday night celebration I’ve had in my 30 years.


#linspired #linstantClassic


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