Confident and vocal, the new Asian American identity.

I had a very strong reaction to seeing this tweet by @BaxterHolmes: Jeremy Lin on Kobe’s final shot: “I like game-winners too. I would like to shoot some. But I get it.”

And my reaction was:  ”It’s About Fucking Time.”

Being Asian, I was raised to be quiet, respectful, and considerate. Basically, I was raised to be the ultimate teammate and contributor.

Over the last few years, I realized that sometimes things don’t happen unless I make them happen.  That unless the volume of my voice and the aggression of my actions match the strength of my own inner conviction, I won’t get what I want.

There are so many smart, capable Asian Americans out there, but so many of us go unnoticed and unappreciated. So much of our potential gets underutilized and overlooked. It’s easy to blame it on the authoritative figures who can deem us ‘worthy’, but where does that get us?  Are there actions that we can take to help ourselves, even if nobody else does?

We have to challenge every single negative Asian American stereotype head on. We are NOT soft, NOT afraid of conflict, and NOT afraid of speaking our minds.

If we want more respect, we have to walk the walk, talk the talk, and be outwardly confident.  We have to embrace conflict and be more open about how we truly feel.  By doing nothing and staying quiet, we are conscientiously choosing to accept the status quo and reenforcing society’s negative stereotypes.

Let’s create new positive standards of what it means to be Asian American.

We are NOT suppose to just be the best at numbers or the most analytical or the hardest working. We are those things AND we are the LEADERS and we are to be RESPECTED.

Nobody is going to give us respect until we demand it and seize it.

And it all starts with one thing, speaking our mind and speaking it loudly.

Thank you Jeremy Lin.



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