The power of habit

Many of my friends know that I am pretty out there in terms of some of the things I do to be productive.

For most of my life, I’ve always felt a constant tension between work/life balance.  I’ve written about some of that tension before.  It comes with the territory of being naturally competitive, being surrounded by accomplished friends who seem to do it all, and living in a city that is all about the hustle.

Eventually I realized, no matter how successful I am in my career, I will never be fully happy without tending to other parts of my life.  If I value my family and friends, but I spend all of my time at the office, how can I be fully happy?

For the past two years, I’ve done a lot of experimentation to develop a consistent way to live a balanced life.  I’ve tried different formulations, gone back to the drawing board several times, until I found a ‘system’ that works well for me.

The system that worked for me is focused on forming good habits by setting goals in a thoughtful manner, measuring progress, and repeating the process.

It’s been a really rewarding journey full of highs, lows, and growth.  I’ve personally come a long way from where I started and I’m curious if it could actually help others too.

I think the system helps with the tactical components of how to achieve your goals.  It won’t require you to tell me your deepest, darkest secrets, or change your normal life in any significant way.  And it won’t require a lot of conversations back and forth.

If you have a goal that you’ve struggled to reach, or just want to generally live a more balanced life, and are interested in trying something different, please feel free to reach out me.

And even if you are perfectly content or don’t really need any help right now, some of the books below might still be fun to read


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  1. What I find hard now is finding something I am willing to use my will power to form the habit of achieving that goal. I think most of us has always had the ability to persistently pursue something… but some of us fall into a void where we no longer have any goals we are truly passionate about. I think many of us settle into a career and while life may be comfortable we don’t enjoy what we’re doing and although we make good money the money is not what we are really pursuing but we don’t have a clear idea what it is we want to pursue. I would say it’s a lack of motivation to achieve anything due to a lack of passion for anything.

    I truly admire those who are constantly driven to achieve his/her next goal.

    How are you doing anyways?


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