When building a product…


  • Prefer fast iteration over slow deliberation


  • Prefer good enough over 100% right


  • Prefer a single killer feature over many small upgrades
  • Prefer better interaction over better interface (better interface can be a subset of better interaction, but rarely is it the full set)
  • Prefer intuitive interface over instruction

User experience

  • Prefer simple over complex (the least number of steps to consistently achieve a goal successfully)
  • Prefer frequent use over once-in-a-while (except for high value products)


  • Prefer overlooked over overcrowded (medium + industry.  mobile is a crowded space, and so is mobile + food, but mobile + helicopter rides is not a crowded space)
  • Prefer a large addressable market over a small market (this is frequently directly in conflict with the last bullet)


  • Prefer a short funnel over a long funnel to monetization


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